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Guild Structure

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Guild Structure Empty Guild Structure

Post by Admin Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:14 am

Guildmaster: Elander

Right Hand: Braincracker

Officers: Mityavenger, Arrigato, Krozemys and Geniuspsycho

Class Leader:
Mages      -  Badbeing
Warlocks   -  Meladie
Warriors    -  Smasch
Tanks       -  Tjallmaster
Paladins    -  Whaishai
Hunters    -  Mityavenger
Rogues     -  Silence
Druids      -  Wildwisdom
Priest       -  Arrigato

Raid Leader:  Silence & Peachtree

Core Raiders: 26
Trial: 2
Social & Alts: 148


Loot council, evenly distributed upgrades, no preferances to officers - priority on tanks

from P3 we will run EPGP


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