Application for Raid Core spot in Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades intends to remain a raiding guild for people with real lives.
That being said, we also aim to clear all end game content in a competent way as we progress.

This means we expect raid attendance to remain high for scheduled raids.
A raid attedance of 70% minimum is required in order to remain a core raider rank.
That being said, the people with the higest raid attendance will get top priority on progress raids kill or speed

We also require all raiders to attend raids well prepared, with all enchants and potions that are required for the tactics we use

You will be required to read and understand the tactics we use available on the forum, as well as be active in the guild, on Discord and in the social life of playing.

Here's our description of the ideal person for this job:

* The ability to utilize the class you play (you understand the optimal build, and know all spells/specs)
* The mechanics that are at work during raids, is second nature too you.
* You know what hit & critcap is
* You know what debuffslots are for, and that these are limited,
* You understand that the set raid time start is pull, so u need to be rdy and Inside the raid at that time
* You activly use Guild Discord during raids, but also during social play
* You understand and participate in a good and positive guild-enviroment, and get that classic wow is a far more social excersise than retail wow is.

Your Level: 1
Your Class:


Tell Us something about you and your experience: